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Listen to me ramble on about things other people already know

Git Worktree

I was reading the New Year, new GIT release post from GitHub a couple days ago, and it was highlighting some new features in git 2.7.0. The one that really caught my eye was a small improvement to git worktree (introduced in 2.5.0). Being that I was completely ignorant of git worktree prior to reading that, this minor improvement was a light bulb moment for me. Many times, I have re-cloned a remote repo to have clean local worktree to work on, so as not to interrupt a long-running development task in another branch.


The number of time I’ve started a blog only to abandoned it is larger than I like (and probably going to grow by one in a few months). So why bother? It comes down to the fact that I find so much in the tech world to be cool and worthy of rambling on about. I find myself learning something new at work and running down the hall to tell people about it.