What I've Learnt

Listen to me ramble on about things other people already know


The number of time I’ve started a blog only to abandoned it is larger than I like (and probably going to grow by one in a few months). So why bother? It comes down to the fact that I find so much in the tech world to be cool and worthy of rambling on about. I find myself learning something new at work and running down the hall to tell people about it. Unfortunately, the number of people who indulge me these interruptions is dwindling as I’ve lost some like-minded co-workers over the years. I decided I needed a place to share these tech revelations, even if no one reads them.

The next question then becomes: why write a blog these days, when Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all out there and happy to host your content for you? The first two are easy for me: I’m barely on Facebook and Twitter is too terse. Google+ is tempting, but #6-8 of these 8 reasons not to blog on Google+ are compelling to me, as well as the fact that I just want to play with blogging tools.

In the end, it comes down to me wanting to share what i think is cool and interesting and having no one in the immediate vicinity who wants to listen.